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Small Cyclades Islands, Greece

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The Small Cyclades Islands in Greece is a small group of islets in the Cyclades Cluster. They are also known as the Little Cyclades, the Minor Cyclades or the Lesser Cyclades.

The Small Cyclades are 7 in total, 4 of which are inhabited: Koufonissia (Koufonisia, Koufonissi, Koufonisi), Schinoussa (Schinousa), Donoussa (Donousa) and Iraklia. They make wonderful destinations for quiet and relaxing holidays. Over recent years, the Small Cyclades, have been attracting more and more visitors from all over the globe, who want a different kind of island holiday; who are looking for a place with a good tourist infrastructure, traditional Greek Island characteristics, stunning beaches and a calming atmosphere where they can escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Indeed, the Small Cyclades are some of the few locations on earth whereon can find such features.
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The Small Cyclades (Little Cyclades) are great vacation spots for a few days, while you are touring the Cycladic Cluster in Greece, or for longer, relaxing vacations.

If you are coming to Small Cyclades via Athens, we can book your hotel accommodations in Athens as well.

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